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Blue Tit

Blue Tit - Parus caeruleusLatin name: Cyanistes Caeruleus

Numbers in Britain: 3,300,000 pairs

Conservation status: Green*

Length: 11.5cm

Wingspan: 17.5 - 20cm

Weight: 9 - 12.5g

Habitat: Broad-leaved Woodland, parks, farmland and gardens.

Eggs: 5 - 16 blue eggs with purplish red or reddish brown specks. Breeding starts in mid-April with 1 - 2 clutches per year.

Nest: Blue Tits will nest in holes in trees, walls or nest boxes as well as unusual places such as letter boxes, old saucepans and pipes. The female makes the nest from moss, wool dead leaves and spider's web.

Description: The Blue Tit has bright blue wings, tail and crown with yellow underparts and a greenish back and mantle. They have white cheeks, a stripe of black on the eyes, bib and colar and a black streak down the belly. The bill is black and legs a blue-grey. The female is slightly paler.

Song and Calls: Use the audio player below to hear Songs and Calls of the Blue Tit. Requires the Flash plugin.


* No identified threat to the population’s status