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Feeders - Peanut Feeders

The range of peanut feeders we carry vary in price, size, colour, squirrel resistance - but each has been chosen because of the quality they offer. Each of the peanut feeders can also be used to feed sunflower hearts.

Spirit of Wood - Alwen - Peanut Feeder

Made from certified timber with a Welsh slate roof a very attractive garden feature - ideal for protecting the nuts from the elements

more info £17.99 (Alwen)

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Nuttery Classic Peanut Feeder Range

A very robust, very hard wearing and attractive feeder. Ideal if you have squirrels visiting your garden.

more info £18.99 (small)
£22.99 (medium)
£26.99 (large)

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Nuttery Globe Peanut Feeder

A classic design that is extremely functional and a very effective squirrel deterrent

more info £24.99 (Globe Peanut Feeder)

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Nuttery Original Range

THE feeder if you have squirrels in your garden - attractive feeder AND the birds get to eat the nuts!!

more info £18.99 (mini)
£22.99 (original)
£26.99 (extra large)

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RSPB Challenger Range

Hard wearing plastic feeders - ideal if no squirrels in your garden.

more info £6.99 (small)
£8.99 (medium)

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RSPB Defender Range

A robust collection of metal feeders ranging from 17.5cm to 53cm in length.

more info £11.99 (Small)
£14.99 (Medium)
£17.99 (Large)

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RSPB Discovery Range

Ideal range of feeders if you are new to bird feeding or have a small garden or balcony

more info £2.99 (Hanging Feeder)
£3.99 (Window Feeder)

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