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Accessories - Nest Boxes

We stock a variety of nest boxes.

Bat Nesting Box

Made out of 12mm untreated ply providing good insulation, the design meets with the approval of The Bat Conservation Trust.

more info £14.25 (Bat Nesting Box)

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Hedgehog Nesting Box

The nesting box is the optimum size for the needs of the Hedgehog, having been designed with the help of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

more info £29.50 (1 Box)

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Large Bird / Little Owl Nesting Box

Our largest bird nesting box doubles up as a Little Owl nesting - approx. 3 times the size of the standard bird box

more info £22.50 (Large Bird)

more info


Multi Bird Nesting Box

The multi-bird nesting box is the only "interchangeable panel box" made in the UK that requires no tools at all to change over the panels, ... quite helpful if you have to climb up a tree to fit it!

more info £19.90 (Multi Bird)

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Open Fronted Nesting Box

Made to a simple fixed panel design, with access possible through the open front.

more info £10.25 (Open Fronted)

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Sparrow Terrace

The perfect environment for up to three pairs of sparrows

more info £27.50 (Sparrow Terrace)

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Squirrel Feeder Box

Designed to give hours of fun watching the squirrels 'steal' the nuts placed within it - definitely designed for squirrels and not for birds!

more info £16.99 (Squirrel Feeder)

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Standard Nest Box

The best selling standard nesting box can be accessed for cleaning etc., through its hinged roof held firmly in place by a hook and eye.

more info £12.99 (Standard)

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