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Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebsLatin name: Fringilla coelebs

Numbers in Britain: 5,400,000 pairs

Conservation status: Green*

Length: 14.5cm

Wingspan: 24.5 - 28.5cm

Weight: 18 - 29g

Habitat: found in Woodlands, hedgerows, cultivated land and town suburbs.

Eggs: 2 - 8 smooth, glossy greenish or light blue with purple brown blotches. Chaffinches have 1 - 2 clutches every year and the breeding season starts in April.

Nest: Chaffinches make their nests with feathers, moss and grass bound together with spider's web in a neat cup shape. It is lined with feathers and wool and decorated with lichen and bark flakes.

Description: Males have pink underparts with a blue-grey crown and nape and 2 white wing bars with a chestnut back. In summer its bill is grey-blue changing to pale brown in winter.
Females have an olive-brown back, grey-brown underparts becoming almost white towards the greenish rump. Their bill is brown, similar to the young.

Song and Calls: Use the audio player below to hear Songs and Calls of the Chaffinch. Requires the Flash plugin.


* No identified threat to the population’s status