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Goldfinch - Carduelis carduelisLatin name: Carduelis carduelis

Numbers in Britain: 220,000 pairs

Conservation status: Green*

Length: 12cm

Wingspan: 21 - 25cm

Weight: 14 - 17g

Habitat: Goldfinches can be found in bushes, outskirts of woodland, fields full of thistle, orchards, parks and farmland.

Eggs: 3 - 7 smooth and glossy pale blue with red markings with 2 - 3 clutches per year. The breeding season starts at the end of April.

Nest: Female Goldfinches build cup-shaped nests towards the end of branches or in a bush. Constructed with moss, grass and lichens, lined with wool and plants.

Description: Goldfinches have red, black and white markings on the head, with black and gold on the wings. The wing pattern is so vivid that many bird watchers don't realise that the Goldfinch has a white rump.

Song and Calls: Use the audio player below to hear Songs and Calls of the Goldfinch. Requires the Flash plugin.

* No identified threat to the population’s status